Style Files: Juicy Romance
Style Files: Juicy Romance

Style Files: Juicy Romance

Words by Steph Reid

Hey Juicy! Tell us a bit about yourself, where are you currently?

Hey cuties!

Right now I am on a flight from Berlin to Croatia with my girlies for an little celebratory Mediterranean vacay. I’ve packed nothing except my diamanté bikini, my 24ct gold cocktail shaker, personalised crystal martini glass and 24 bottles of Grey Goose. Hvar won’t be the same by next Sunday 


Juicy Romance photos by Steph Reid

 Juicy wears Dolce and Gabbana sequin top and Fendi baguette.  


We must ask... how did you come up with the DJ name?

It all started when I was nannying this 7 year old queen of a girl, who always wanted to know about my romantic life. In a very off-brand situation, my dating life at the time comprised of nothing more than a very un-slay tinder date to N2 gelato washed down with a trip to a Club X peep show, after which I demanded to be ordered an Uber comfort back to my house and never contacted again!!! So, I told this girl about this date, but making it sound way cuter than it was. My N2 ice cream was replaced with a cosmopolitan and Club X was replaced with a black Jack table at crown casino and $1000 worth of chips (dream date btw). Anyway, as I tell her this story, her eyes grew wide with wonder and awe, obviously, and she turns to me and gives me this cute little smile and says…..’wow, well THAT’S a Juicy Romance’, and there it was. 


Juicy Romance Hummer BTS photos


Please tell us more about your latest music video Hummer... it was so exciting documenting the behind the scenes!

It was great to have you there! And an absolute dream to be able to wear all those incredible clothes from Irvrsbl! The clip certainly wouldn’t have been the same without the fits. Originally, the video was just going to be a super simple visualiser for the track. But, in classic Juicy fashion I couldn’t help but go overboard and involve a director, a film crew, an obnoxiously big car, a sexy posse and a styling team, and I definitely have no regrets. I wanted the video to be something fun and sexy, and reflect the carefree energy of the song. During that time in my life I was very focussed on my friendships and having crazy nights out with the girlies, and I wanted the music video to centre more on the excitement and pleasure of friendships rather than having a romantic focus. Because really, it’s all always more fun with the biddies than with the boo!


Juicy Romance Hummer Video


You recently played at Melt festival in Germany, it looked incredible! What was that experience like?

It was absolutely amazing! It was actually my 25th birthday on the day, so being able to play a festival like that for the first time and be surrounded by so many other friends playing was really special.  What started as a super stressful day, which involved a 6am flight, an overbooked artist transfer, an extended wait at a Berlin train station, my hotel room not actually being booked, Yung Lean waltzing in to the hotel lobby (?!!!) as I was arguing passionately with the man at reception, momentarily losing my attention, getting it back, and then ending up with a penthouse suite, dressed head to toe in sequins, playing at Melt surrounded by my friends. It was definitely slay. 


Juicy Romance Hummer photos by Steph Reid

Juicy wears Blumarine tank, Fendi cuff and Jean Paul Gaultier skirt 


We loved the playful early 2000s styling of the music video, do you have a go to outfit for shows?

When I’m feeling stylistically exhausted and like I simply CANNAE with fishing a novel slay fit from my custom Juicy Romance x Rimowa diamond encrusted suitcase, this is the automatic assemblagé I reach for. Firstly, my pink Pony Hair Fendi baguette, with my lipgloss, hard drive, headphones, vogues and phone inside. On my feet, I usually go for my Miu Miu knee high leather boots, which are in a gorgy brown hue that perfectly compliment the soft pink of my Fendi bag. For bottoms, I pop on my Vivienne Westwood pink and red tartan mini-kilt from her slay 1993 Anglomania collection and finally, on top, I pull out my custom pink ‘Juicy Bitch!’ Juicy Couture baby tee. If it’s chilly, I’ll probably throw on my brown fox fur shawl and matching stole, and then my rimless, amber 1998 Versace glasses to minimise retina damage from the never-ending camera flashes. Yep! That’s definitely the go to.


Juicy Romance Hummer Fendi Baguette

 BTS photos by Steph Reid.  Styled by Jessica Harris.  Styling Assistant Tina Jenkins.


What more can we expect from Juicy Romance in the near future?

You can expect a lot more! My EP titled ‘Amorous’ will be dropping late September which I am so excited for. I will making my Fabric debut in London the week before, and my Manchester debut at Hidden, the day after. I have a bunch of shows around Europe in the next few months before heading back to Australia for a summer of sand, shows, sun and slay. I plan to drop another video before the end of the year and am spending the next few months focusing on my second EP as well as a very exciting collab single. I feel super excited about the next year and cannot wait for everyone to be able to hear all the sexy musical messages I have to share!


August 29, 2022