Style Files: @mshilt0n and @shakirrarees
Style Files: @mshilt0n and @shakirrarees

Style Files: @mshilt0n and @shakirrarees

Words by Sophia Loughrey

A discussion with two Melbourne based creatives Celeste (she/her) and Shakirra (she/her). Interview and Photography By Mila Perrin (she/her). Both have been styled in pieces from IRVRSBL. The shoot was assisted by Digby Mercer (he/him)


Hey Shakirra and Celeste, let’s start with a bit about yourself, what you do for work and what are your passions/ creative outlets?

Shakirra: Hello! I’m 24 years old, originally from NSW and have been living in Melbourne for over 2 years now. I work as a social media manager for Staché and Everyday by Staché in Brunswick. My main creative outlet is photography, particularly portraiture - I’ve always loved taking photos of people! I’ve always been passionate about interiors, definitely love an interesting marketplace find, and I’m hoping to get into pole dancing soon hehe!

Celeste: Hey! I was born in London and moved to Melbourne in 2007, I grew up on the Mornington Peninsula and moved to Melbourne towards the end of last year. Currently working managing front of house and doing social media for Take Two bagels in Brunswick East, I studied fashion design last year which has always been one of my passions/ creative outlets and always will be but I use social media as a huge creative outlet, whether it be sharing photos or sharing video content on tiktok


Shakirra wears dress by Comme Des Garcons and Fendi croissant.   Gucci Jackie bag with Prada heels.

So amazing! And where do you see yourself in the future?

Shakirra: Hard to know where I see myself positioned in the future, but hopefully soon I see myself traveling, spending more time taking photos and living in my dream home with all my favourite vintage furniture finds.

Celeste: I don’t like to think too much about the future and always have, so I don’t exactly have any plans for the future to be honest! I’d rather focus on the present, I’m just enjoying living in the moment and seeing where life takes me...


Celeste wears Dolce and Gabbana top, Celine skirt, Gucci bag and Prada heels

How would you describe your personal style?

Shakirra: I struggle with describing my style but I would say 90s minimalist, I usually prefer more monochromatic and tonal garments... I tend to reach for staple and timeless pieces that will last in my wardrobe for a while!

Celeste: I think my style is quite subversive, I tend to reach for more elevated basics. I usually lean for more minimal silhouettes, but I love to layer and mix textures and colours.

Shakirra wears Comme Des Garcons dress, Issey Miyake top and Chanel sunglasses


Who and what Influences your style?

Shakirra: I tend to be influenced mostly by the people around and the spaces that I’m in, particularly at work... Someone who inspires my style is Bella Hadid, I do love an off duty model moment hehe, but I also tend to build an outfit off one staple piece like a nice pair of suit pants and then go from there!

Celeste: I feel like I don’t have many huge influences on how I dress. It’s more about what I think suits my body and what I personally think looks good together but if I had to pick someone it would probably be Lindsay Vrkovnik.

You both wear a bit of vintage designer, Who are your favorite designers and do you have any favorite designer pieces?

Shakirra: I actually don’t have a favourite piece yet - hoping to find a designer piece I can cherish forever. Loved my friend’s Jean Paul Gaultier mesh top I borrowed for a while.

Celeste: Dolce & Gabbana, Vivienne Westwood and Commes des Garçons are probably my top three! I feel like they all create amazing silhouettes and I genuinely just enjoy how their pieces fit me. But in saying that, my current favourite designer piece is the Burberry one piece I bought recently from IRVRSBL - and ofc my D&G graffiti denim jacket which is also from IRVRSBL.


Celeste wears top by Jean Paul Gaultier and Fendi baguette

Yes love! And What is your dream archive designer piece?

Shakirra: I’m trying to find the perfect Jean Paul Gaultier mesh long sleeve. There's so many to choose from, but I can never decide on just one eek!

Celeste: Patiently waiting for the day my dad gives me his 90s Gucci leather jacket. But I also would love to find the matching pants to my D&G jacket, as the set would be insane.

October 10, 2022