Tik Tok Queens Ginger and Carman
Tik Tok Queens Ginger and Carman

Tik Tok Queens Ginger and Carman

Words by Georgia Gordon

We are obsessed with Naarm based Tik Tok stars Ginger and Carman! As we are lucky enough to have them as IRVRSBL customers, we decided to reach out to them to find out more about their online presence and style tips. 

Hi guys!! Tell me a bit about yourselves and how you got started with your online presence?

Hi! We are friends who began their journey by accident while on holiday in Paris. We discovered that we were both inquisitive enough to get lost. So, we did. Lots. We called them escapades after getting side-tracked constantly. It was liberating. We began filming it. We went to vintage clothing markets and second-hand clothing shops in the back streets of Paris. Our edgy style started to take shape. We had so much fun we just kept going when we got back home. Now young people follow us. We're humbled. We have pearls of wisdom. We are like modern day sages talking more about knocking the walls of ageism and expectations down with irreverence and a bossy ‘tude rather than keeping the paradigm. It's liberating.

@gingerandcarman G&C cruisin’! Our new fav song for bestie escapades. Riding it like sassy queens. @JUICY_ROMANCE #juicy #hummer #bestie #queens #icons #sassy #ownit #vintagevibes #mazdamx5 #sunglasses #vintagefashion #vintageleather #melbourne ♬ Hummer - Juicy Romance


I love that! How did you both meet each-other? 

This answer may disappoint you simply because it's so "normal". Our daughters were school friends, and in fact even though school days are long gone they are still friends! We love that. It means we can have legit girl's weekends away (we mean we actually all like and know each other) and laugh til’ we can laugh no more! Just quietly we think they are both awesome young women and we say that without an ounce of bias! In the sea of school parents, you don't often come across other creatives (at least not in our era) so I think it was instant recognition with both of us having performing arts backgrounds. Basically, we are terrible show-offs!

Haha, I love your TikTok account. How did it feel blowing up on there?

Blowing up on Tik Tok was gobsmacking to say the least. Literally we said we would never go on TT… spurting out all the usual “we're too old”, “we're not going to do choreographed little dance”, “they all speak way too fast!” Blah blah blah...

Then one of our son's said “hey, you two should go on Tik Tok. It's where it's at”. After doing a shoot one afternoon under the South Eastern freeway (climbing down the banks to get to some fantastic graffiti) and nearly killing ourselves our guard was down. Later going through our footage, we thought let's put it up for fun and see what happens. Boom. 3.8k views. The rest is history!


@gingerandcarman What ever you do, laugh and play!! #freunde #friends #bestfriend #bebold #ownit #amis #draugi ##amici ♬ Best Friend (feat. Doja Cat) - Saweetie

Incredible! What’s the most exciting thing you have worked on so far as a duo?

It's actually all exciting and that may sound lame, but we are performers, and we love performing! We love what we do.

Not lame at all, that’s so nice to hear. What are your biggest inspirations when you get dressed in the morning? 

Inspiration in the mornings always comes from how we feel. Staying authentic to self. We have no rules and are not in any boxes. Sometimes putting on a tune helps set the vibe if we're feeling a bit stuck. Of course, that first cup of coffee helps to get the creative juices flowing...

@gingerandcarman No place like home. 💛💛 #melbourne #gingerandcarman #friendship #australia #newbeginnings @Partiboi69 ♬ No Place Like Home - Partiboi69


Of course! What is your favourite thing about the Melbourne fashion scene?

We like Street Fashion. No rules. It's a mix of old and new, vintage, op. That's the essence of Melbourne style., which separates it from other cities. Individual, fluid style. According to the G&C Fashion Remix Bible that is...

Completely agree there. Do you have a favourite vintage piece in your wardrobes?

We both have clothes from our mothers who were fashion queens back in their day. They are jackets, they rock, and they carry the essence of the fabulous women they were.


@gingerandcarman Show your skin! #biendansmapeau #melbournefashion #gingerandcarman #friends #over50 #energy #styleinspo #summerinthecity #ageless #bebold #bossmoves ♬ How Gee - Black Machine

Amazing! How about your favourite fashion designer? 

It's hard to not pay homage to the French and the Italians. They have created the most amazing designs encapsulating the female form perfectly. The world has changed a lot since the days of the European fashion greats and Australian designers are rocking their stuff with the best. Gucci has been consistently irreverent over the years which is very appealing to women like us.

Any future exciting projects coming up that you can share with us?

We have a couple of exciting projects coming up one of which involves us unloading our pearls of wisdom in regard to quirky fashion. Hope people are ready for that!

Our interview with Harper's Bazaar has just hit the airwaves.



August 25, 2022