Plein Sud - History of the Brand
Plein Sud - History of the Brand

Plein Sud - History of the Brand

Words by Clare Ferra

Founded by Faycal Amor, the French brand Plein Sud rose to prominence in the late 80s through to the 90s.  Faycal Amor was born in Tangier, Morocco to a North African father and a Russian mother.  After a stint studying in England, Faycal relocated to Morocco in the 70s which is where the roots of Plein Sud were sewn.  He experimented with upcycled designs and vegetable dyed fabrics; he made jackets from the remains of old Indian army frock coats and American army capes. 

He collaborated with the likes of Jean Charles De Castelbajac, Agnes B and Emmanuelle Khan as an artistic director at the house of Pierre D'Alby and was then to launch his own line.  The brand was inspired by an east meets west sensibility, fusing Parisian sophistication with Mediterranean inspiration.  Faycal Amor was meticulous about the production of his pieces and Plein Sud designs were all manufactured within their own factory locally in Chatellerault France - one of the most advanced textile factories in Europe.  Faycal Amor was a friend of John Galliano, in the late 80s John Galliano relocated to Paris with the backing of Faycal Amor and set up his base within the Plein Sud headquarters. John Galliano's flailing brand was purchased by Amor in 1992.

The brand has famously graced the figures of A List celebrities such as Madonna, Beyonce and Britney Spears.  We are particularly fond of Plein Sud designs from the early to late 90s through to the early 2000s which featured his signature style of buttery soft leathers, cutouts and draped fabrics.  The brand had expanded to multiple locations worldwide including throughout the US but by the mid 2000s due to changing markets many of the stores then shut down.  


Plein Sud Lace Up Jacket

 Left: ‘Witch’ featured in Dazed & Confused July 2002. Photographed by Annette Aurell & Styled by S Colina.  Right: The same Plein Sud 2002 leather jacket


Plein Sud 2002

Plein Sud F/W 2002 Campaign - this sought after lace up jacket is often misattributed as an Alexander Mcqueen x Plein Sud jacket

Madonna wearing a denim Plein Sud outfit in her Ray of Light video, 1998

Plein Sud Campaign 1993

"String Me Along" Plein Sud campaign circa 1993

Plein Sud by Sean Ellis campaign
Plein Sud “Orfeu Negro” SS 2000 collection shot by Sean Ellis.
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