An Interview With Jasmine of @feaath
An Interview With Jasmine of @feaath

An Interview With Jasmine of @feaath

Words by Tanya Rayzman

Tell us a little about yourself and what you do

Hello! My name is Jasmine, I am 20 years old and I am a self taught knitwear designer basedin Melbourne.  I have only been a part of the knitting world for 2 years so I am still learning so much more every day.  Feaath started as a page I could use to document/ showcase my progress but with so much attraction it eventually turned into a brand :)


Left: Jasmine wears Feaath knit, Roberto Cavalli Skirt and Jean Paul Gaultier mesh top with YSL Mala Mala bag.  R: Feaath knit top and skirt and Marni bag.


How did you get started in producing knitwear?

I’ve always thought of fashion as a beautiful outlet for creativity and self-expression, but I never really saw myself wanting to make clothes. It was around the start of the 2021 lockdowns that I had a desire to pick up a hobby, which happened purely out of boredom. I learnt how to knit and i was motivated to progress so much further because i was fascinated by how many ways i could play outside the conventions of knitwear.


A lot of your garments are really beautiful and unique. Where do you source your inspiration when it comes to design?

My inspiration usually comes within the process of making the piece, because i like to source second hand yarns the first spark of inspiration is mostly based off the yarn style/colours i can get - I work better when i improvise, i hate following a structured design process. I find a lot of enjoyment in not completely knowing what the end piece will look like and decide what it will be when its already half done.



You had your own pop-up shop very recently, could you tell us a bit about your experience with that?

My pop-up was a great experience in a lot of ways for me. I’ve always dreamt of having a physical location that people can actually try on and feel my clothes, so getting a short-term location for that was nice. Also having the opportunity to plan every aspect of the event was super thrilling for me and a great learning experience. It was also such a blessing to see all my supporters and I’m still super thankful for everyone that came to the pop-up and supported me.


A lot of the photographs on the @feaath Instagram are shot and styled by you, how did you get into those disciplines on top of knitting?

Although I enjoy collaborating with others, i feel best guiding how its seen. Being present while shooting, styling, editing etc allows me to have both the ability to be in tune with my creativity and skillsets. Producing content come naturally within my creative process. I don’t limit myself to only cater into one spectrum.


Jasmine wears knitwear by her own brand


Your personal style is also really cool! How would you describe it? And where do you seek inspiration from in the context of your own wardrobe?

I never know how to answer that question, Ifind it so hard to describe my style but i guess i would say experimental and versatile? I don’t like having one style to stick within i just wear what i think will look cool on that specific day :P

Finally, what can we expect to see from your label in the future?

I haven’t thought too much about the long term plans, but this year i would love to do more collaborations with my friends in different creative fields. I am also working towards building a web store which i feel will be a nicer way for me to showcase my pieces.


Follow Jasmine's work on Instagram @feaath

Images and words by Tanya Rayzman

April 25, 2023 — Tanya Rayzman