Style Files: Mulalo
Style Files: Mulalo

Style Files: Mulalo

Words by Clare Ferra

Rapper Mulalo is our current style crush and life inspo.  Originally hailing from the Western suburbs of Melbourne, she now works between Sydney and Melbourne and has an extensive touring schedule planned for 2023.  She came into our Greville St store where we were able to shoot her in some archival looks and interview her about life and Italian vacays. 

Photography and styling by Tanya Rayzman


Rapper Mulalo in Jean Paul Gaultier and Missoni

 Mulalo wears top and scarf by Jean Paul Gaultier, skirt by Missoni and belt by Dolce and Gabbana


C: Do you believe in astrology? What's your sign?

M: Of course I believe in astrology i don't know who wouldn't and I'm a Scorpio moon and a Taurus sun, I also have a lot of Sagittarius and Capricorn in my chart! 


C: Who's your current style inspiration?

M: My forever style inspo Adam Sandler but currently I've been loving the Clermont twins and what they wear.


C:  What's it like working between Sydney and Melbourne? And also tell me about this podcast you have in the works!


M: In my heart Sydney is my home even though I live and grew up in Melbourne... I think that’s because all my friends are in Sydney and I feel like I can be my true self when I'm there.

My podcast! I've been wanting to start this podcast for years now but essentially I want to start a podcast which is just audio record of the extremely interesting, insightful and funny people I know and have met. Knowing me it will take forever, kinda like how it took forever for me to send these questions.

 Mulalo rapper IRVRSBL shoot

 Mulalo wears top by Missoni, pants by Issey Miyake and bag by Vivienne Westwood.  Boots stylists own.  


C: What's your death row meal?

M: Entree: 12 Sydney rock oysters.  Main: Seafood boil (and don’t be stingy with the crab legs).  Dessert: Cheesecake of course.  Drinks: A large Aloe Vera Drink and a bottle of the best orange wine!

C: Also, you're going on a wine trip to Italy! Tell me all about that

M: I really want to go to Italy and spend a few months there in a chateau making wine and eating... maybe fall in love.


Rapper Mulalo photoshoot


C: Best country to date?

M: I haven’t dated there yet but I feel like the best place to date would be somewhere in Latin America like the Dominican Republic or Puerto Rico

C: ... And the worst?


C:  If you could invite anyone dead or alive to a dinner party who would they be?

M: Nicki Minaj! Because that's mother but also Dolly Parton

C: What's on the horizon for Mulalo in 2023? Both musically and otherwise

M: What's on the horizon for me this year?? Hopefully some new boobs!


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February 21, 2023