Style Files: Joel Condello @101.404.101
Style Files: Joel Condello @101.404.101

Style Files: Joel Condello @101.404.101

Words by Clare Ferra

Hi Joel! Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do.  Also what's your star sign

Hey! I’m a stylist, photographer and creative director who's based in Naarm/Melbourne. Working 2 jobs, retail by day, hospo by night. I’m Capricorn, and a proud chihuahua mum who’s dressing casual by day slay by night. 


We've seen you in some really cool and creative looks.  What are your current styling tips

Who cares about less is more, MORE IS MORE!! I feel like my style is growing and evolving more all the time but at the moment honestly I really love some good layering which could be some denim shorts over some baggy cargo pants or even just finding existing pieces in ur wardrobe and trying to come up with a new way to wear that item, like wearing a t-shirt upside down to make a fun hood or even just wearing a t-shirt or long sleeve just off the shoulder if ur feeling like being simple and sexy but can’t ever go wrong with just accessorising more with some jewellery/belts like even just pretend you’re some sort of character and styling around that. The biggest advice I could give to anyone looking for tips is honestly just try wearing stuff you wouldn’t normally wear, style around that and just have fun with it! 


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I love that you're wearing giant slogan tshirts again! We've been waiting for this comeback and are currently on the hunt for some House of Holland and Katherine Hamnett ones.  What are some other trends you are looking forward to coming back?

I’ve really been into skinny jeans and tight pants recently which I feel like are so coming back also obsessed with the Isabel Marant wedge sneakers right now which I’m yet to own a pair but can definitely see more of the Indie Sleaze era of style coming back which I’m so keen for. I’m also so over this y2k trend right now definitely need that gone. 


2023 trend predictions? 2024 trend predictions?

I can definitely see draped hoods making their way back in if it’s like a hooded dress or could even see garments with hats sewn into a hood even. chunky jewellery, layering long necklaces, snap backs, wedge sneakers, polka dots over stripes, thigh high boots, off the shoulder tops, tassels, sequence, and who knows maybe even popcorn/galaxy tights will make a return, the list just goes on I can see so many things that could potentially re arise.


Joel Condello Interview


Who inspires you and why both in fashion and in general?

I'm always being inspired by new people all the time but right now I am obsessed with this stylist @ciggaria I just love everything they come out with, everything they style is so unique and fresh which i really love about them. I also really resonate with @thegoatdancer and her fitting rooms series where she goes into stores and creates amazing looks out of whatever she can find. A few people in Naarm that really inspire me would have to be @laura.mehmet who makes the most amazing/beautiful unique pieces. also just a few style icons I also look up to from naarm as well would have to be @montanagrce @josaiababy @joaoqm and so many others for just being themselves 


What's on your playlist at the moment?

My music right now is all over the place I feel like I haven’t settled on a playlist right now but someone who’s on the majority of my playlists is Bogdan Raczynski who's a Polish-American Artist who makes experimental electronic music who i would definitely recommend giving a listen to. 


If you could style anyone in the world dead or alive who would it be?

Honestly right now its probably gotta be Kirsten McMenamy 



If you could have dinner with anyone in the world dead or alive who would it be?

Probably Heidi Klum in full halloween attire but a clone of every iconic look she has done 

Finally, what's on the horizon for you this year? Any interesting projects coming up?

I do actually have a few things planned! some of which I can’t really say right now but am super excited for! I also want to continue working on some personal projects and just keen to do more. I’m really interested in reaching out to some local designers and other stylists and collaborating on a body of work whether they are smaller projects or bigger ones. Or even potentially working on creating a zine but thats a project that I’m just letting happen and feel like I don’t need to rush it but also just really open to working and collaborating with different brands :) 


Photography and styling by Joel Condello 


Follow Joel on Instagram here @101.404.101 and here @1015.7745

March 02, 2023