Style Files: @lynn.etc
Style Files: @lynn.etc

Style Files: @lynn.etc

Words by Clare Ferra

Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do?

Well, my name is Lynn, 24, an Aquarius & I simply exist, which in this current climate, is the hardest task of all! No, but in actuality, I have a regular 9-5, so I can afford my pseudo-Carrie Bradshaw lifestyle, I podcast weekly with a best friend on our aptly titled Pod 'The Shift'. We discuss everything within the pop-culture zeitgeist-  marriages, divorces, robbery, fraud - nothing is off limits! I'm a model, I occasionally host party's in a Lindsay Lohan in 2006 at Les Deux kind of way, study Law at UTS and occasionally create fabulous content for fabulous brands!


Who has better style, people from Sydney or Melbourne? Don't be afraid of being controversial!

I once saw a poignant Tiktok regarding the Sydney v Melbourne discourse. It labeled Sydney "The pretty blonde sister with no personality" and Melbourne "The less hot version who was forced to develop a personality." This analogy applies to the style of both cities; Sydney has a two-tonal colour palette which more than often is bland & beige, but it suits the casual lifestyle the city offers, whereas Melbourne is grittier hence so is the style. Albeit, I will say wearing Dickies pants and a black North Face does not constitute as style. Do with that what you will. 



I had a stalk of your Instagram and your personal style is too good, we have to talk about it! How would you describe your personal style?

This is the highest compliment!!! I would say my style is a blend of Kristen McMenamy with a Balenciaga silhouette. I've always loved Kristen's ability to colour clash, mix fabric textures and layer, v Demna's nonsensical tailoring v Kaftan silhouette he's created at Balenciaga. I will adorn myself in a bodysuit with Dion Lee eyelet pants and a blazer on one day, and the next, I'll be in a billowy oversized poplin shirt with track pants and some Gucci clogs. 


Describe your favourite vintage pieces from your wardrobe? Is there anything currently on your wish list?

One of my favorite pieces are my thrifted Y/project high-waisted Jeans, I've managed to layer them with APC shorts that I also thrifted, which just adds to my cost for wear. I also love this vintage kilt I thrifted a while back, I have repurposed it several times to fit my day, one moment it's a mini skirt with a Prada spring 22-esque train and another moment it's a full schoolgirl Kilt. I always have pieces on my wish list, but my eyes are currently fixated on that Galliano Dior Kaos Grafitti Columbus pouch bag; it's so cute for summer!



If you could swap closets with any celebrity dead or alive who would it be and why?

I would love to swap closets with Instagram user @fengfan_x, she's a Chinese Billionaire heiress that no one knows a lot about, Vogue wrote an article about her in 2017, which did not really say much apart from she's got an immaculate wardrobe, and she's an heiress. Two things I deserve. 


We noticed you have recently been soaking up the sun, enjoying that European summer. What was your favourite outfit that you wore whilst away?

My favourite outfit was when I was in Paris and went for dinner around the Palais de Tokyo, I wore some chunky orange flip-flops, Dion Lee eyelet pants layered with black and lime boxing shorts, a backless cross tie top, some jewels & I called it a day!


If you could interview anyone on your podcast, The Shift, who would it be?

I would love to interview Lana Del Rey, Marie Antoinette or Diana Spencer - I know these white women have the tea


Which designers are you most excited by at the moment? Were there any particular looks or pieces that you loved from the latest runway shows?

I'm currently obsessed with Lado Bokuchava this Georgian label with futuristic references, I'm loving Sinead Gorey's Gaultier-esque prints and pieces, also love everything Glenn Martens is doing, anything he touches turns to Gold. I loved the new season Acne, I think all the pieces were so fabulous, and Id love look no 2 and look no 27



What are you looking forward to wearing in Australia when the weather warms up?

I honestly want to be in nothing but a speedo or a one-piece, we have been deprived of the sun for so long, albeit I did have 2 months of it in Europe, I still want more!! I will be spending each waking day laying idly by the beach, pretending to read a book and consuming my daily 2L of water. However, I'm looking forward to baby tee's tight mini skirts and Clogs!


Now lastly, I must ask, are you team Lisa Rinna or Kathy Hilton?

I'm on team Garcelle, but if I had to choose, I'm picking Rinna - Her deluded sense of reality is unparalleled and something about seeing Kathy Hilton squirm ( even though in the finale of the reunion Rinna was the one squirming ) makes my heart sing!


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November 22, 2022