An Afternoon With Sunny
An Afternoon With Sunny

An Afternoon With Sunny

Words by Steph Reid

We spent the afternoon dressing and photographing Sunny in IRVRSBL for some fresh test shots to add to her folio. 


Model: Sunny Lennon @sunnybunny_11
Photographer: Harry Burmeister @harryburmeister
Stylist: Steph Reid @stephrxid


SR: How do you usually introduce yourself to new people/describe what you do? 

This is an interesting question. I usually don’t talk about what I do, because I want new people to judge me on my character, not my career. But if it comes up, I say I am an architecture student working part time in a small archi office, and do some modeling on the side. If they’re into music I might mention that I play in a girl band called The Pinstripes. Our last single Blue Rectangle just came out November 10th! It’s about how my dog believes I’m drowning when I’m swimming in the pool. I am currently applying to study my masters of architecture, and plan to study abroad in the Netherlands for a semester next year 


 Sunny wears Prada Bikini


SR: Where in the world are you currently? 

I’m currently in the Big Apple! I originally came for my cousins’s wedding, but I like it so much that I’m staying for as long as I can, which is 90 days with the ESTA visa. New York both charges and drains you at the same time; the candle is being burnt at both ends for sure!

I have been on the go since July. I spent a month in Indonesia, traveling Mt Bromo on Java island was a highlight. After a hectic week back in Melbourne (which is when I shot with Harry and Steph), I was off to South America. I spent six weeks in Colombia and six weeks in Peru, absolutely incredible. If it wasn’t for the wedding in NY, I’d still be there!


Sunny wears Fendi leather blazer, Prada skirt and Gucci tank


SR: I remember you telling us on set about your planned travels; what is your favourite city to visit?

Medellin in Colombia is one of my favourite cities in my most recent travels. A more relaxing beach spot called Capagurna along the north coast, right next to the Panama boarder was a highlight too. 

I have a soft spot for Shanghai because I lived there between age 2-12. The city reminds me of my childhood. It’s tough at the moment with China being less welcoming towards western influence, I hope this changes in the future as I would love to live there for a stint.  


SR: Do you have any crazy/ memorable travel stories? 

Unfortunately I don’t have any totally wild stories like my friend who had a gun pulled on him in Cali, but I have lots of fun moments:

  • Taking a boat down the Amazon for three days to get from Colombia to Peru. 
  • Hiking Huayhuash for 7 days with two cute donkeys carrying some of our stuff. 
  • Galloping on horses in Salento
  • Swimming with lion fish and turtles in Capagurna
  • Seeing a sloth and moneys the size of your palm in the Amazon jungle 
  • Jumping into the river rapid at La Ponderosa hostel


 Sunny wears Prada sandals


SR: How did you initially get into modelling? 

Like so many models, my interest began when started to help friends in Highschool for their studio arts projects. From there I was recommended an agency, who signed me on during year 12. They were the worst agency... I landed one paid job, and the agency took more than half the money. 

My parents, especially my dad were not fully onboard with me pursuing modeling. ‘It will destroy your soul'. With this in mind, I’ve always been conscious of not becoming obsessed with modeling. However, to keep vanity at bay is difficult in the social media filled world we live in. 

After Highschool I left that agency and took myself to Chadwick and Viviens, who both turned me down on the spot. But they suggested a very new agency, The Talent Buro. I told myself this would be the last agency I try before giving up, but they signed me! I’ve been with them since 2018. They’ve been very nurturing and accommodating with working around my busy uni and work schedule. 



 Sunny wears Alexander McQueen top


SR: Have you had a favourite job so far? 

The most memorable job I’ve come had been a Mazda commercial. Purely because of the massive fire hydrant hose and industrial sized fan they used to mimic rain and wind! They would scream “WIND!!! RAIN!!! THREE! TWO! ONE! ACTION!!!” - and myself and the other model would be implement drenched from head to toe. It was fantastic. 

November 17, 2022