BTS - Our Latest Campaign By Diego Campomar
BTS - Our Latest Campaign By Diego Campomar

BTS - Our Latest Campaign By Diego Campomar

Words by Georgia Gordon

In case you missed it: we recently launched our latest campaign, shot by photographer Diego Campomar, modelled by Rowena Xi Kang and styled by Gadir Rajab. Makeup artist Rose Letho worked on hair and make-up, and Adam Rajab shot our campaign video with the help of Marcus Milne.
The concept was conceived with Diego, and was brought it to life on the day by filling a shallow pool with water, then using three pairs of hands to remove any traces of bubbles. We set a small platform of wood in the middle for model Rowena to stand on. The back drop was a reflective silver, which we occasionally spritzed with water for the coolest effect.
Diego and his assistant Anh Phuong set up the pool.  
Our makeup artist Rose Letho working on Rowena Xi Kang's hair and makeup, giving her hair a sleek wet look and keeping the makeup clean.
The pieces from the shop that our stylist Gadir Rajab picked out for the shoot, from purple Fendi zucca print, to neon green Issey Miyake pleats and classic Pucci patterns. We brought a handful of shoes with us but stuck to simple pairs from our own wardrobe to put all the focus on the clothing and so as not to damage our shop stock with water.  
A behind the scenes action shot, with Rowena wearing our IRVRSBL crewneck and a pair of Versace suit pants. 
The shots came through immaculate, with almost no need for editing.
Diego's assistant Anh would make ripples in the water as he shot, to get the perfect effect. 
Gadir teamed our Tom Ford era Gucci shirt with leather Emilio Pucci pants and a matching green knitted Fendi baguette.
Tiny Emilio Pucci swim-shorts were teamed with our purple Fendi shirt, Giuseppe Zanotti platforms, and a Pucci hat for the ultimate Miami pool-lounging outfit.
Our final look; an iconic ensemble with Rowena topless in yellow gingham Betsey Johnson bikini bottoms, arms laden with vintage designer bags. See the final images scattered across our social platforms and website. 
For more behind the scenes from the shoot, head to our TikTok (@irvrsbl).
November 03, 2021 — Georgia Gordon