How To Authenticate the Gucci Jackie Bag
How To Authenticate the Gucci Jackie Bag

How To Authenticate the Gucci Jackie Bag

Words by Georgia Gordon

Gucci’s Jackie bag has been an iconic staple in the fashion world since it was first designed in the 1950’s. The bag was originally named the ‘Fifties Constance’ until first lady Jackie Kennedy was seen using one to shield herself from the paparazzi in the 1960’s. After that iconic appearance, the bag was renamed in her honour and became a Gucci staple. The Jackie is thought to be the first ever hobo bag and was originally designed to be unisex but quickly became favoured by women across the globe in the 60’s. The bag has remained a Gucci archetype to this day and has since been recreated in a number of prints, colours and sizes. In 2014, the famous image of Jacqueline Kennedy was recreated in a Gucci campaign video with Kate Moss. The Jackie bag is considered one of the top 10 handbag styles in the world, with its consistent popularity the Irvrsbl buyers source the bag frequently. This article examines the features of the classic Jackie bag and identifies how to authenticate one.

Gucci Jackie bag from the Irvrsbl archives


  • One of the easiest and quickest ways to authenticate a Gucci Jackie bag is by taking a look at the overall shape of the bag. Replica’s do not always get this correct and can sometimes be reinterpreted much rounder looking in shape.


Gucci campaign with Jackie bag in orange


  • Like most designer handbags, Gucci hardware should be sturdy, heavy in weight and made of a high quality.
  • Most Gucci handbag hardware will be a solid metal or high quality gold plated.
  • The hardware is always branded and should read ‘® GUCCI, made in italy’ in clear, evenly sized lettering. Note the ‘I’ in Italy should be lower case!
  • If your hardware is gold plated, the gold should be a deep, rich golden colour.

  Gucci Jackie bag in grey from the Irvrsbl archives

Interior Tags

  • There should always be a leather tab on the interior of a Jackie bag. This tab will have ‘® GUCCI, made in Italy’ embossed on one side and a series of numbers on the other side. These numbers are often referred to as the serial number, however this is not strictly true. These numbers are usually the model/style number, followed by a second set of numbers that is typically a manufacturing code that identifies the factory in which the bag was made.
  • The stitching on this tag should only be seen across the top, not around the entire tag.
  • The corners of the tag should be slightly rounded.
  • The ‘G’ and ‘C’s’ in ‘GUCCI’ should be very rounded, like it would become a full circle if it was joined.
  • The left side of the ‘U’ should be slightly thicker than the right.
  • The numbers on the reverse of the tab should be 10-12 characters long.
  • These numbers can occasionally be the same on multiple Jackie bags due to the fact that they are not unique serial numbers.
  • Some interior tabs may even have a capital G with a circle around it, usually toward the top, to the left of the ® – this means the bag was sold at an outlet store.

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October 12, 2021 — Georgia Gordon