IRVRSBL Style Files: DJ Sal
IRVRSBL Style Files: DJ Sal

IRVRSBL Style Files: DJ Sal

Words by Georgia Gordon

For our IRVRSBL Style File series, we are profiling some of our favourite creatives, from photographers and stylists to DJ’s and models. Sal (@sal__l) is a Melbourne based model/DJ, currently navigating another lockdown like the rest of us here in Victoria. A beloved client and collaborator of IRVRSBL, Sal is a fashion guru and vintage archivist. We caught up with Sal and asked her some questions about her style and DJ life. 


GG: Hi! Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do.

SL: Hey GG! I am a DJ, a events producer/curator, blue moon (occasional) model and by day I work in luxury retail.  


GG: So cool! How did you start DJing?

SL: In my late teens I was a creature of the night, a filthy club rat. This naturally led me to a pathway of becoming a club promoter and DJ.  


GG: Where is your favourite place to play?

SL:  Small intimate spaces where my community are welcomed, respected, celebrated and safe. An invite to a sexy Utopia!  Places in Naarm/Melbourne: Sub Club, Angel Music Bar, Hugs & Kisses (RIP), Liberty Social (RIP) & my garage! 


GG: Where is your dream place to play?

SL: In an environment where my friends and I are on the same line-up. It’s a family affair. I’d also love to play at the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. 


GG: Who/what are your biggest influences? 

 SL: My mother, House of Divine, Alexander McQueen, David LaChapelle, Leslie Zhang, Wong Kar-Wai, Ren Hang & Marrknull 


DJ Sal
Sal wears jacket and pants by Jean Paul Gaultier

GG: What type of outfits do you wear when you DJ? Is it how you would dress on a day-to-day basis, or is it a whole new person up there on stage?

SL: It is an opportunity to perform a persona, express an alter ego that isn’t traditionally part of your day-to-day, 9 to 5. However, there is nothing wrong with wearing your day-to-day ~prêt-à-porter~ and letting your repertoire speak for itself - sometimes I’m racing from another job to a gig like a frantic rabbit on a bike. 


GG: Hahaha I can imagine! Tell us about your most prized piece of clothing…

SL: Ooo this is a tricky one to narrow down! Since it’s the first day of Spring in Naarm/Melbourne today, my most prized summer piece of clothing is a Gaultier sexy mesh long sleeve from SS1997. 

Here is the jumpsuit version from the show: 


GG: Incredible! Has COVID influenced your style/buying habits?

SL: Most definitely! This pandemic has taken me back to my sportswear and athleisure roots. I’ve created looks that can be pyjamas but also your morning stroll/grocery run attire. I have been wearing two variations of fluffy slippers on rotation at home; a minimalist pair then a pair of obnoxious plush teddy bears. I also own a ‘strictly outerwear pair’ of The North Face mules that can be styled with a puffer jacket and/or pair of trackies. 

In terms of buying, I have focused on acquiring more versatile pieces that can be worn day to day and throughout the evening with minimal effortless styling adjustments. From AM to PM!


DJ Sal


GG: What was your most recent purchase?

SL: A Louis Vuitton Bleecker Box…OOPS! 


GG: We love an investment piece! Who are your favorite vintage designers to invest in?

SL: Jean Paul Gaultier, Maison Margiela, Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen, Comme des Garçons and Issey Miyake. 


GG: What is the first thing you have planned post-lockdown?

SL: To wine, dine, dance, sing, and cry with my loved ones.  


GG: The dream! How do you think that living in Melbourne has affected your style?

SL: The unpredictable weather plays a big part of my style. I get the opportunity to wear all seasons in the span of a week…or day! This city has made me appreciate wearing multiple layers to a single piece of clothing. 


GG: Very good point! Lastly, tell us your favourite IRVRSBL score?

SL: A pair of Christian Lacroix Splatter Jeans. If I can ride my bike and be active with a piece it’s a given win! 

Find Sal on Instagram, @sal__l

DJ Sal