IRVRSBL Style Files: @honey.juju by Georgia Gordon
IRVRSBL Style Files: @honey.juju
IRVRSBL Style Files: @honey.juju

IRVRSBL Style Files: @honey.juju

Words by Georgia Gordon

Stylist, model and visual artist @honey.juju is one of our current style inspos.  We love her OTT style, and the way she effortlessly mixes contemporary designer pieces with archival vintage.  Not to mention the fact that she has recently collaborated with brands such as Olivia Rowan, and modelled for one of IRVRSBL's fav stylists/photographers Gadir Rajab.  We asked Juju about her uber-cool personal style and how her career has been affected by the pandemic.



GG: Hi Juju! Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do!

HJ: Hi! I’m a stylist, model and visual artist from Melbourne.


GG: Amazing! Who/what inspires you?

HJ: I'm heavily influenced by pop culture. At the moment, I’m obsessed with Courtney Stodden (circa 2011), off the rails Taylor Momsen, Coco (Ice-T's wife, not Chanel) and B-grade horror movies. When dressing, whether it be for my work or personal life, I like to create or replicate characters that tell a story - can you tell I’m a Gemini? I grew up pretty removed from mainstream media and technology so gaining access to that has fuelled my obsession further.


GG: We love a Gemini! Have you always been interested in working in fashion?

HJ: When I was around 10, I remember my mother teaching me everything she knew about fashion and culture, and my interest has snowballed since then. For a long time, I couldn’t decide whether to pursue art or fashion but recently realised that I didn’t have to stick to just one field, and because they are both inextricably linked, I could use my skills in both areas collectively in my work.


@honey.juju in Dolce and Gabbana


GG: So true, they really go hand in hand. Tell us about your favourite vintage piece in your wardrobe…

HJ: I can’t choose one! It’s a tie between a khaki Tom Ford era Gucci lace-up shirt and these crazy printed Cavalli jeans.

GG: They sound amazing! How do you like to style your vintage pieces?

HJ: It depends on my day-to-day mood. I generally opt more towards comfort when I’m not wearing skimpy outfits on the internet. Personally, I don’t like to approach dressing up too seriously. For example, I’d wear Galliano-era Dior with a Korn t-shirt.

 @honey.juju in D&G top


GG: I love the sound of that combination! What do you hope to be doing in, say, 3 years’ time?

HJ: I hope to be out of lockdown! But in all seriousness, I’d love to be living overseas and be rich as hell.


GG: The dream! How has COVID affected your working life?

HJ: Pretty heavily. It’s been difficult having to reschedule shoots and projects all the time because we keep going in and out of lockdown. That being said, it’s been fun trying to find ways to work through these obstacles and still create something during the pandemic.

 @honey.juju in Jean Paul Gaultier puffer jacket and cargo pants


GG: I can imagine! Anything exciting coming up that you can share with us?

HJ: Yes - there are a few exciting things in the works! I’m working on my capsule collection with Olivia Rowan that’s coming out soon and will be super kitsch and fun. I’ve also been planning some super fun, sexy and deranged shoot concepts with Kurt Johnson that I’m excited to work on after lockdown.


GG: Wow, we are so excited to see them! I noticed you do quite a bit of modelling... Who would be your dream photographer/designer to model for?

HJ: Balenciaga is at the top of my list, followed by Mugler. Their campaigns and shows in the last 20-30 years have been so fun and extravagant. If I could time travel, I would have to say mid-2000’s Versace and McQueen.

GG: I could definitely see that! Ok, last question, what has been your favourite IRVRSBL score?

HJ: Definitely the Vivienne Westwood Trompe L'Oeil t-shirt!


Follow Juju on Instagram, @honey.juju