IRVRSBL Style Files: Camelia Farhoodi
IRVRSBL Style Files: Camelia Farhoodi

IRVRSBL Style Files: Camelia Farhoodi

Words by Georgia Gordon

Camelia Farhoodi is a Melbourne based model and content creator, and a current style obsession and muse of ours at IRVRSBL.  We chat to Farhoodi about how her career started, her inspirations and love of archive fashion.


GG:  Hi Camelia, tell us a bit about yourself and what you do! 

CF: Hi Hi Hi! I’m a 23 year old Iranian Heritage Girl! I’ve been working as a content creator/model for just over one year now (crazy). My life has been a little bit of a crazy situation over the past year since starting in this field but I’m obsessed with my job and wouldn’t change it for the world! 


Camelia Farhoodi polaroid from Instagram


GG: Amazing! How did you get started with that job? 

CF: Well, this all started at the beginning of the pandemic last year. At the time I was working in a retail shop and I had been there for around 4 years. I had a huge drive for all things that would stimulate my creative side, and of course a big love for fashion. As soon as COVID hit in March, and we were all stuck at home, I was left trying to keep my brain stimulated while in these conditions.

At the time I had accumulated quite a large collection of thrifted and vintage clothing, and of course all the things I would purchase from work... so I decided to start taking photos of my outfits a few days a week to help keep me busy and motivated! Things moved quite quickly and brands would start to reach out, wanting to gift me pieces to wear on my gram! Come June, I had created almost like a portfolio of all my best pictures, angles, and creative touch online. By the end of June I was Scouted by my agency that I am now with - Precision MGMT - who I love and adore! 


GG:  Wow! I had no idea how recently things took off for you! Do you have a favourite supermodel? 

CF:  Taylor Hill and Bella Hadid stole my heart!


GG: Ultimate babes! What else do you turn to for your own inspiration? 

CF: I’m always inspired by people in public, magazines, books, Pinterest. One of my biggest inspirations is music, I love creating a mood just by listening to a sound. 


Camelia Farhoodi in Dolce and Gabbanna

 Camelia wearing Dolce and Gabbana from IRVRSBL


GG: We love that. How did Melbourne’s more recent lockdowns affect your working life? 

CF: I really have to look to the positives for this one! Although at times I couldn’t reach my full potential I could have through my work… If it wasn’t for this whole ordeal, I may not have been working in this industry if it wasn’t for all the free time at the beginning!  


GG:  So true! Now tell me, do you have a go-to pose? 

CF: Oh most definitely! I love a crouching pose always. But I’m always switching it up and trying new things! I love using magazines for inspiration on posing.  


GG:  We adore! Do you think your work has influenced your personal style?

CF:  I think that being put in clothes that you wouldn’t necessarily choose for yourself is always so incredible. It opens my eyes up to different possibilities, and also inspires me with different colour ways and moods. It’s always a great opportunity to learn if you love or dislike something!  


GG: Very good point! Who would you love to work with? 

CF: One of my favourite photographers is Jean Pierrot. His style of photography is everything to me! I take a lot of inspiration from his photos, So it would be a dream to work with him!  


Camelia Farhoodi polaroid


GG:  A dream collaboration! We’d love to see that happen. Do you have a favourite vintage piece in your wardrobe? 

CF: At the moment it’s a pair of vintage Roberto Cavalli  jeans that I scored on depop. I’ve been wearing them almost everyday since being out of lockdown!  


GG:  They sound lush! Any exciting shoots/projects coming soon that you can share with us? 

CF:  By the time you’re reading this I would have gone live on my own Instagram from a shoot that I just did for a Tiffany and Co campaign! This has got to be my most exciting job to date. But I guess for the time being that’s it. To be honest, my job gets me excited everyday! You never know what you’re going to expect.  


GG:  That is so exciting! Have you got any tips for aspiring models? 

CF:  Take that leap of faith!!!  


GG:  Last fashion item you purchased and what? 

CF:  I just bought a vintage Louis Vuitton Croissant bag which I’m obsessed with! A classic.  


GG:  Amazing! Okay last question, what is your dream archive designer piece? 

CF:  Oh where do I even begin… I have too many! But something on the top of my list is a vintage John Galliano Floral slip dress. One for the summer!  


Follow Camelia on Instagram, @cameliafarhoodi