Authenticating Vintage Chanel Garments by Their Interior Tags by Georgia Gordon
Authenticating Vintage Chanel Garments by Their Interior Tags
Authenticating Vintage Chanel Garments by Their Interior Tags

Authenticating Vintage Chanel Garments by Their Interior Tags

Words by Georgia Gordon

One of the most overlooked parts of an authentication process, particularly when it comes to designer clothing, can be taking a closer look at the garment’s interior labels. There are multiple tell-tales and giveaways to look for on these labels that can inform you whether or not you have your hands on an authentic piece. In this guide, the Irvrsbl Chanel archive will be referenced to identify certain elements of the label that signify the garments authenticity.

 The Brand Name Label

Aside from Chanel Sport pieces or other spin off lines, Chanel will generally only use black or white on their main interior tag that features the house’s signature logo. There are many variations of this label as it can change based on the type of garment it is featured on, from swimwear to suit jackets. This label can also vary depending on the material, the size of the garment and the year in which it was made.

Observe the font and make sure that the proportions of each letter and the distance between them are equal. Some may also have ‘BOUTIQUE’ written underneath.

 Below are some examples of authentic Chanel tags.


The Size, Season and Composition Labels

This tag is usually sewn onto the bottom of the first tag, written in black, white or a greyish font. There is usually a lot of information on this tag including the size, style/season numbers, the garment manufacturing location and the composition. Due to the fact that this label is sewn at two points onto the main Chanel label, it is not uncommon for this to be missing on some vintage garments. The way this label is loosely attached is so that it can be easily removed for comfort reasons. If the size tag is missing, check the Chanel tag for two small holes where it may have been torn off.

If it is still attached, check that the font and lines are neat, even and properly aligned. Double check for any grammatical errors and compare it to our images below from several authentic Chanel pieces we have had in the past.

The Care Instructions Label

Alongside a logo tag and sizing tag, there may also be a label sewn along an inside seam printed with care instructions and the fabric composition. Bear in mind that often these instructions could be included on the sizing tag instead. This is often the case on some vintage pieces and also delicate pieces like lingerie where an additional tag would be visible and unnecessary.

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